UV Index and Forecast

Current UV Index: 4.5 @ 2:35pm  Medium 
Estimated time to sunburn1 25 minutes 
Today's High: 5.8 @ 2:25pm  Medium 
Yesterday's High: 4.7 @ 3:03pm  Medium 

UV Index Forecast for Lincoln

21 Jul 2017 22 Jul 2017
UV Forecast UV Forecast
 Very High   Very High 
UV Index Scale
1Estimated time in minutes to sunburn normal skin at the current UV rate.
UV Index Forecast
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UV index/Solar Radiation - Last 72 Hours
UV Index Solar Radiation

Sources of Data:
UV forecast courtesy of and Copyright KNMI/ESA http://www.temis.nl/(http://www.temis.nl/).
Used with permission. KNMI detail page.
UV Index maps from WeatherUnderground.
Actual solar radiation and UV Index readings/graph data from Beamsville Weather Station.

Thanks to Ken at CapitolaWeather.net for the inspiration for this page.