UV Index and Forecast

Current UV Index: 0.0 @ 5:25pm None
Estimated time to sunburn1 720 minutes 
Today's High: 1.0 @ 1:56pm  Low 
Yesterday's High: 4.4 @ 12:43pm  Medium 

UV Index Forecast for Lincoln

22/09/2021 23/09/2021
UV Forecast UV Forecast
 Medium   Medium 
UV Index Scale
1Estimated time in minutes to sunburn normal skin at the current UV rate.
UV Index Forecast
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UV index/Solar Radiation - Last 72 Hours
UV Index Solar Radiation

Sources of Data:
UV forecast courtesy of and Copyright KNMI/ESA http://www.temis.nl/(http://www.temis.nl/).
Used with permission. KNMI detail page.
UV Index maps from WeatherUnderground.
Actual solar radiation and UV Index readings/graph data from Beamsville Weather Station.

Thanks to Ken at CapitolaWeather.net for the inspiration for this page.